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What Happens Next:
After the Diagnosis

Helping parents become stronger and effective advocates for their child who has been diagnosis with a learning disability. This workshop focuses on helping parents take the next steps to be proactive in their child education and future. Helping parents to develop a strong comprehension of a learning disability, understand the importance of an Individual Education Plan (IEP), and how to navigate through the school system in order for their child to be effective learners and excel to success.


What Happens Next:
Navigating The Transition from secondary to post-secondary

What Happens after High School? Is a workshop designed to educate teens pursuing post-secondary education what to expect. Although though there will be unexpected challenges, the aim of the workshop is to provide students with information and guidance to make it through the first year fearless. This workshop will focus on: IEP, goal setting, learning skills, stress management etc. In the end students will work to create a vision board a visual representation of their goals and how to develop an effective plan that will help them reach their dreams.


Post-Secondary Prep.

For senior secondary students to first year students. This program is designed to help students prepare for the academic expectation of post-secondary education. Developing learning strategies, implementing and achieving goals, note taking and essay writing this programs helps to give students to be proactive and take control of their education and success.

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Twelve Week Reading Program- Online one-on-one training to help improve student’s reading. Ideal for students age 8 and up.

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