Do you have a dream that you are awaiting to fulfill? Or are you  consistently struggling to achieve a goal? Do you feel like you are making no progress despite all your hard work like you are spinning in a circle?   If you answered yes to these three questions, then this blog is for you! 

The Journey to Success is not easy, believe me!  I have struggled and jumped over so many hurdles to get where I am in life. My learning disability is my strength, not my weakness. There is a stigma that those with special needs are weak and limited to their ability. I want to let you know there are #nolimits to what we can achieve!

Join me on this journey to success! I want to share with you, my personal stories of inspiration and motivation that helped me to overcome the challenges I have faced. Your special needs may be different than mine but you do not have to overcome the challenges alone. We are on this journey together! 

Trump The Impossible

Eight ears ago I will never forget where I was the moment the final votes were in to determine the 44th president of the United States of America. In that moment I literally believed I lived and witnessed historical greatness. Barack Obama becoming the 44th president of the United States of America and served two terms sent a message of hope all around the world for so many.  I believe if a black man can be president of one of the world’s greatest nations than anything is possible.

2016 presidential elections  just proved  that anything can happen. The feeling of hope and joy that filled the air eight years ago has been replaced with melancholy and grief today. Many woke up in disbelief of the results of the 45th presidential election.  Another historical moment but with a shocking plot twist. 

Despite the outcome, what seemed impossible was achieved and history was made. Four American women made political history by becoming the voice of Black, Muslim, Asian, Hispanic, Aboriginal and disabled individuals of the nation. Bring more diversity and representation where it once did not exist. Hope still exist even if it’s the size of a mustard seed.  Sometimes it’s the smallest seed of faith we need to implant in us to bring out the greatest change in our lives. It takes courage to go against the norm. For these four women and Hilary Clinton in required them to believe in the impossible. 

To all the little girls watching, never doubt that you are valuable and powerful & deserving of every chance & opportunity in the world
— Hilary Clinton 2016 Concession Speech

I rather look at this election with the belief that anything is possible. In life, we will always encounter obstacles that will require us to believe in the impossible first.  Three years ago creating an educational resources centre of students with special needs seemed impossible but I believed in it and that I could do it. If I did not have faith and belief, you wouldn't be reading this blog now. I challenge you to view this election and life from the same perspective. It may seem stormy and gloomy now but believe that hope still exist and it will trump what seems impossible and be triumphant in the end.