Do you have a dream that you are awaiting to fulfill? Or are you  consistently struggling to achieve a goal? Do you feel like you are making no progress despite all your hard work like you are spinning in a circle?   If you answered yes to these three questions, then this blog is for you! 

The Journey to Success is not easy, believe me!  I have struggled and jumped over so many hurdles to get where I am in life. My learning disability is my strength, not my weakness. There is a stigma that those with special needs are weak and limited to their ability. I want to let you know there are #nolimits to what we can achieve!

Join me on this journey to success! I want to share with you, my personal stories of inspiration and motivation that helped me to overcome the challenges I have faced. Your special needs may be different than mine but you do not have to overcome the challenges alone. We are on this journey together! 

Befor You Up The Dose

“I think it is time to up the does on their medication. “ Parents with a child who has ADHD can become frustrated when the only solution teachers are suggesting is to increase the medication for their child. For years, medication has been viewed as a primary (some believe) the only way to help individuals with ADHD. While the method of stimulants have proven to be effective, it is not the only method and solution to help individuals with ADHD.   

First it is important to note that medication should not be viewed as a “cure” for behavioural problems. It is especially important to ensure that children who take medication for ADHD understand this notion.  While we are in an era where many are seeking more holistic, and natural solutions as form of treatments for many issues many of the alternative methods to medication have demonstrated to be just as effective in supporting individuals with ADHD.   Learn more about ADHD. Let’s take a look of alternative methods in aiding individuals with ADHD.

Behavioural Therapy: Behavioural therapy can take many forms but it focuses on changing behaviour through looking what triggered the action and the consequences caused by the behaviour. A common example is in parenting, rewarding a child for their good behaviour. The same can be used to help students with ADHD. Or helping adults with ADHD understand what may trigger certain behaviour patterns and learning how to self-regulate to change the action.

Nutrition:  Eat your fruits and veggies. Every dietary restrictions will vary but focusing on ensuring plates are filled with a solid amount of greens, protein and complex carbs help to aid the symptoms of individuals with ADHD.  A balanced meal is a key factor for many of life's aspects but in a fast paced society it can be a challenged trying to meal prep and ensuring to get all the nutrients needed daily. Some simple tips to help make grocery shopping and packing lunch easier  

  • Focus on colour. Buy fruits and veggies that are a colour of the rainbow. Aim to have at least one colourful meal a day or take baby steps and aim to have a colourful meal a specific number of colourful meal a week.

  • Limit the sweets and sugar intake. White refine sugar is not good for anyone. But if you have a sweet tooth like me, it can be hard to resist deserts. Either limit the intake of sweets. Use natural sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, dates other dried fruit.  

Exercise:  Move your body to burn of the energy.  The studies are endless in showing how exercise in preventing and improving many conditions. The same is true when it comes to supporting individuals with ADHD. Exercise: An Antidote  In some cases, some people may have lots of energy that needs to be burned off in order to focus and conquer the task at hand.

Upping the dose of medication should not be the only solution in helping support people with ADHD. Always consult a doctor before making any changes and seek options that support the whole-well being of the individual. There are #NoLearningLimits to what a person can achieve. What has helped you support someone with ADHD, leave a comment and let me know.


The ADDitude Guide to Alternative to ADHD Treatment