Do you have a dream that you are awaiting to fulfill? Or are you  consistently struggling to achieve a goal? Do you feel like you are making no progress despite all your hard work like you are spinning in a circle?   If you answered yes to these three questions, then this blog is for you! 

The Journey to Success is not easy, believe me!  I have struggled and jumped over so many hurdles to get where I am in life. My learning disability is my strength, not my weakness. There is a stigma that those with special needs are weak and limited to their ability. I want to let you know there are #nolimits to what we can achieve!

Join me on this journey to success! I want to share with you, my personal stories of inspiration and motivation that helped me to overcome the challenges I have faced. Your special needs may be different than mine but you do not have to overcome the challenges alone. We are on this journey together! 

First Step: Change Within

A year ago I had the delight pleasure to visit and tour the Whitehouse. Touring the Whitehouse was a magical experience one I cannot put into words.  I remember where I was exactly eight years ago the day President Obama won the election. As I was completing a paper for class, I was tuning in at 2 am as then president-elect was delivered his victory speech.

Fast forward to eight years later I am watching his farewell speech as I write this post. I never followed international politics, until Obama. His victory was a win for many across the world including me.

What I admire so much about President Obama is his courage. He believed in change for the greater good of the United States and knew that in order for the change to occur in his home nation, it had to come from within first. Before and during his presidency he was criticized for his work and leadership.  Regardless of who challenged him or what adversity came his way he remained focused and determined. It was his resilient attitude, determination, and courage that inspired me. If this black man could achieve such great height and break through multiple barriers, what is stopping me from achieving my dreams?  What is stopping me from seeing the change in the world?

Two years ago when I had the idea to create Special Compass I was terrified. That I am not good enough monster kept creeping into my head. I was scared, and honestly, I still am. Even now, I still find myself spinning in circles trying to figure out where to start or what to do first. Then it hits me, the first step to change is for me to change myself.

This means I had to let go of my negative fearful thoughts and replace them with positive affirmations. I created Special Compass to help other students like me. Students that have a learning disability or other special needs and is struggling in school. Students who are trying to find their way in this world but feel like a tadpole in the ocean. I want to change the student learning experience because I believe learning does not have to be frustrating and student success should not be limited based on their disabilities or other needs. If I want to change the student experience for others, I need to rewrite me thinking. I need to be the change first, in order to see it in the rest of the world.

Yes We Can!
— B. Obama

At twenty-seven I still battle with self-doubting thoughts, or continually questioning my skills. But I do not want the fear of failure preventing me from ever reaching my dreams. Changing my attitude towards my learning disability allowed me to approach the beauty of my imperfection. To many, my learning disability may seem as a weakness but I consider it my greatest strength. It has allowed me to see the world in a different perspective and shape me into the woman I am today. My world changes the day I change my thinking and started believing in myself. Your world will change when you believe that you can achieve the unthinkable. Together we can change the world, once we believe there are #NoLimits to what we can achieve.

Thank You, President Obama, for eight inspirational and courageous years!