Do you have a dream that you are awaiting to fulfill? Or are you  consistently struggling to achieve a goal? Do you feel like you are making no progress despite all your hard work like you are spinning in a circle?   If you answered yes to these three questions, then this blog is for you! 

The Journey to Success is not easy, believe me!  I have struggled and jumped over so many hurdles to get where I am in life. My learning disability is my strength, not my weakness. There is a stigma that those with special needs are weak and limited to their ability. I want to let you know there are #nolimits to what we can achieve!

Join me on this journey to success! I want to share with you, my personal stories of inspiration and motivation that helped me to overcome the challenges I have faced. Your special needs may be different than mine but you do not have to overcome the challenges alone. We are on this journey together! 

Where To Begin

The deadline is slowly approaching. In one week, high school students across the province will be submitting their university applications and in a couple of weeks their final selections for college.  Just like a New Year, many students want to start fresh and get off to a good start in school. Therefore it can be a challenge to figure out where to begin when the countdown is own. 

Deciding where to go in the fall can be an overwhelming process, but making the transition from secondary to post-secondary education does not need to mean obstacle course. As you prepare to embark on a new adventure keep these factors in mind to transition with ease into a new school year. 


Make a plan, every year, semester, month and week make a plan. Think of one thing that you want to accomplish by the end and work backward and map out the steps that will need to take to accomplish your goal.  Remember to keep your goal planning simple, focus on one or two areas that you wish to improve and focus on those. The smallest change can have the biggest impact it's all about consistency and progress, not fast perfection. 


Before you can make way for the new you have to get rid of the old. Declutter and get rid of any habits that are holding you back from achieving what you want.  Are you always waiting to the last minute to study? Or are you late every morning? These are habits that will hurt and hit you hard in post-secondary. Take the time to build new skills that are positive influences and help you grow. 


As much as you plan and work sometimes there are certain things in life that are out of our control. Do not feel the pressure to have all the answers know and be perfect. At this stage in life you will not have all the answers, just always remember to follow your heart and do what makes you happy. 

Most importantly however you decided to spend 2017, make sure you are having fun and smiling. There are # NoLimits to what you can achieve as long as you keep going you will discover the real adventure is the journey, not the destination.