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What Happens Next 

Helping parents become stronger and effective advocates for their child who has been diagnosis with a learning disability, this program helps parents navigate the education system with an exceptional thinker. This workshop focuses on helping parents take the next steps to be proactive in their child education and future. Discussing topics:

  • Understanding Learning Disabilities

  • The Value of Individual Education Plan

  • Advocate Effectively

  • Learning Strategies


...navigating the transition from                          high school to post-secondary.

What Happens after High School? This workshop is dedicated to educate teens pursuing post-secondary education what to expect. Although though there will be unexpected challenges, the aim of this program is to provide students with information and guidance to make it through the first year fearless like:

  • Individual Education Plan

  • Advocating in post-secondary

  • Goal Getting

  • Learning and Study skills

  • Stress Management

The North Start Program 

Designed with the intent to help parents  to help them understand how to support a student with a learning disability. This program consist of six session focusing on building a customize learning plan and teaching effective learning strategies for the students extraordinary mind. Join the journey today.

Additional topics

From learning disabilities, to creating inclusive environments in the classroom and workforce Special Compass offers a variety of workshops. If you are interested in group presentation for corporate events, professional developments, youth group or parent groups. Discover more below and learn about the details.