Meet Shakira

Creator & Founder

While each experience is unique, the feelings that I went through are quite common for those of us who have Learning Disabilities. My goal is to create a program that can intercept the point at which students feel isolated and alone and create a network of resources that can help guide them to success.​

In 2011, I graduated university with a BA in Hispanic Studies. Happy yet not satisfied, in 2013 I went back to school to finish my French degree and start a minor in Inclusive Education. Through my studies in Inclusive Education, I was finally able to put the missing pieces of the puzzle together in my life. After taking a course entitled, Learning Disabilities, I finally had a deeper understanding of what it is, why I experienced such a hard time in school, and most importantly how it affected the way I comprehended information. 

Now I am on a mission to make a difference in the education of those with learning challenges; to help ensure that no student has to relive the frustrations that I faced. It is my goal to help make learning fun not challenging.