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Growing up, I did not have any examples of what a person with a Learning Disability could achieve. There was no one that I could identify with to help provide guidance and assure me that there was nothing “wrong” with me. At school, I felt incredibly isolated and alone academically. I excelled in learning languages but sunk deep into confusion for subjects such as math and science. When I grew older and sought out specialized instructions, I vowed that my mission would be to educate others who, like me, needed resources and craved a sense of community. Special Compass is an informative, honest space where I will delve out my best advice, tools, personal stories and reflections for YOU! 

It’s a destination that I wish someone had provided for me when I was feeling lost and always steps behind everyone else of my age group. This site strives to offer relatability and put a face to the Learning Disability experience. 


As parents, teachers, educators and students, we often feel as if we are working alone but this website is designed to connect the dots so that we create conversations that matter. The goal is to support one another and create action steps that master the difficulties of living / working with a Learning Disability.


We are on this journey together!



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