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The Next Step: Transition to Success

Kylie is in her final year of high school. In elementary school Kylie was diagnosed with a learning disability. School was hard for Kylie in the beginning but now school is not so hard. Her mother, Mary, is extremely proud of her daughter and is happy to hear Kylie is interested in pursuing higher education. But Mary does have some concerns. She has spent years advocating for Kylie to ensure she gets the proper support and accommodation her daughter needs to be successful with her academics. She wonders if Kylie will she get the same support at the post-secondary level. Is there even accommodation at that level?

Many parents spend years working and advocating for their child and their education, however there is only so much advocating that parents can do before their child has to learn to raise their own voice. From K-12 rules and regulations that govern how students with exceptional needs are supported in the classroom is governed by the Ministry of Education. This all guidelines and regulations for students with exceptionalities in elementary and secondary level is governed by the Ministry of Education. At the post-secondary level, laws and regulations that outline how students with exceptionalities are to be accommodated and supported are governed by Ontario (Provincial) Human Rights and Accessibility Acts.

What does this mean for Kylie and Mary? As Kylie is gearing up for the next step, and transitioning to higher education, she needs to understand the change in process for accommodations at the post-secondary level. Kylie and Mary attended a Special Compass workshop where they had the opportunity to speak with Shakira Rouse, the executive educational consultant and founder. She advised them to visit the accessibility service department on campus to begin the process for accommodations. She also advised them that although Mary has been a great advocate for her daughter, at this stage of the journey Kylie needs to be her own advocate. Most students are the legal age of an adult, and educational institutions will only deal with the student themselves, and not the parents.

This was news to both Kylie and Mary, but they were thankful to have received the information. As Kylie is getting ready to submit her application for post-secondary, in addition to researching programs and schools, she is also familiarizing herself with the process of getting set up for accommodation. The next step for Kylie and Mary is a big step, but with Special Compass by their side, they will be able to have a smooth transition to success. Stay tuned for what's next for Kylie and Mary. #NoLearningLimits

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