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Learning From a Distance

Getting back into the school mode took a bit longer to adjust to this year. With some many students logging on to virtual classes it took some extra time for students, parents and teachers to get adjusted to this new reality. Before the word 'pandemic' was part of our reality, I have had my share experience doing online school. Although I do prefer the in class method, there are a few benefits from learning online.

Benefits From Online Learning

  • More time: With online learning there is more time to concentrate on your studies. While there are other distractions to cut out, commute time and time to rotate between classes are eliminated from the busy student schedule. If you are enjoy the science lesson, it is easy to keep studying and learning without the worry of having to pack up and get to the next class.

  • Less Pressure: While students are being graded and assessed on their work. In most cases students will have to complete assignments and not test. Removing the anxiety that comes with preparing for test and exam. This is also a great opportunity for students with learning disability, who now have the opportunity to take the time to plan and take their time in completing the work.

  • Laser Focus: For high school students there has been adjustments to how many classes students will be taking a semester. Students will be taking two courses at a time, which is a great opportunity to laser focus. With limited courses competing for students attention, it is easier for students to focus on one single course at a time. Allowing them to spend extra time reviewing their notes, taking that extra time to complete an assignment making sure it is just right before clicking submit.

How to make Online Learning a Success?

Although every student is different with their own specific needs, a generally get asked the same question from my students. How do I study? In most cases, students with a learning disability or exceptional need are more concerned on their performance. Worried that they may not be able to handle the course load, trying to find ways to get a head start and be prepared for what is going to be expected from them.

From first hand experience I was that student. Each year going back to school determined to give it my best, I was going to get that A in math this year. I started off strong with good intentions but as the school year progressed that desire fizzle and I was just hoping to pass my class. It was only later on that I realized what is really need to be an effective and efficient learner. These are tips that I share with all my students.

Get Organize. Being organize with your notes, class material is critical. Ensuring notes are up to date accurate helps to make sure you have the right material to study from. Taking proper notes is a skill, its not about copying from word for word. It is about taking the important information putting it into your own words and making connection. Always included titles, subtitles, a date and number the pages (especially if notes consume multiple pages). This will save time, when you are ready to study everything will be organized and ready to go, you just have to open your book.

Break it down. You need to plan you study time ahead of the test. NEVER PULL AN ALL NIGHTER, as cool as it sounds its actually unproductive. Sure have an intense study sessions where you may spend longer time focusing on a topic but do not plan to cram a whole semester of information in one night. Break your study plan focus on a chapter, concept or unit each session. Maybe spending extra time on the concepts that were a bit challenging. Getting into the practice of consistently reviewing notes after each class also helps to make the studying process easier. Allocate enough time between the due date of the final assignment or test to study. Don't forget to perform well you need to ensure that basic physical, mental and soulful needs are taken care of. Take breaks to stretch and move around. Have snacks stay hydrated as well. If there is something on your mind, talk to someone you trust to help clear your head to focus.

Are you doing virtual school? How has this school year been for you, leave a comment and let us know. We love to hear about your journey.

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