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Let's Talk About: Children and Youth Mental Health

Lilianna has feelings too! Although Rob does not say anything, Lilianna can sense that her dad is stressed. She is not sure what exactly but feels the stress is because of her. Have you ever stopped to think how Lilianna is interpreting what is going on in her world?

"When daddy has to talk to my teachers, he doesn't look too happy. I think it is because I can't read like the other kids in my class."

Today is the day we have an important conversation on mental health. For the first time in decades the conversation on mental health has been the prime topic of discussion. While we work eagerly to implement and support the mental and well-being of adults, more needs to be done to support the mental health among children and youth.

From a child's eyes there is a lot of things going on in the adult world. These young minds are not always able to understand everything going on in their environment. Often it is assume that because of their age, children don't understand therefore they do not feel what is going on. This could not be more further from the truth.

As a parent, it can also be a challenge to get a child to open up and express what they are feeling. Be patient, it is not that they do not want to talk most of the time they do not have the words to communicate what they are feeling. Let's talk about child and youth mental health and how to support.

Rob wants the best for his daughter. Now he realizes her emotional, and mental wellness is critical to Lilianna's academic success. As tough as a journey this is for him as a parent, it is important that he and Lilianna take the time to express how they are feeling. There is #NoLearningLImits to what Lilianna can do. It is not just academic success Rob wants for his daughter, he wants a holistic success for Lilianna.

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