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The Art of Studying

Every student as their study habits, good or bad. It is important to understand that the method of studying that works for one student may not be as effective for another learner. The key to studying is to be effective in inputting and applying information, this is a key principle in studying smarter. My whole missions is to help other students succeed, so I am going to tell you the secret to the art of studying. If you want to learn the secret to the art of studying to become an effective learner, it is important to know the three S’s in studying. three S’s in studying.


What is your learning style? My mother said it best “even though people share similar opinions, no two people think the same.” The same applies to learning, everyone has a dominant preference in which they receive and retain information. The three common learning styles are, Visual (learning through see, images), Auditory (learning through listening) and Kinesthetic (learning through hands-on/touch). It is important to identify which learning style you fall under in order to tailor studying according to your needs. Ex. If you are an auditory learner, re-reading a textbook is not an effective way to study. Once you have identifies your style it is important to learn techniques and tricks that work best for you. Remember two visual learners may and can have opposite methods of studying. The key to defining your learning style is no matter what subject or topic you want to use your strength to help you succeed.

Tip: Figure out your learning style(s) first. Once your learning style is defined, the other two S will fall into place easily. The key to be an effective and efficient student.


Defining your style will help you determine which environment do retain information better. It is best to have three ideal locations that you are able to study best. The three location should consist of one location at school, one location at home and a third place of your choice neither at school or at home. Why three locations? It is best to have as many options as possible. Libraries become crowded during exam time, sometimes it is hard to focus at home, or simply a change of setting to stay engaged. Think of a place you are relaxed, comfortable but not easily distracted as well.

Tip: Libraries offer private study rooms for a specific period of time. Plan ahead and reserve a study spot.


Ensuring all the materials needed for a good study session is key. Make sure pencils are sharpen, pens are working and there is enough paper to take notes. You may think this is common sense, but trust me you will be surprised how not having an eraser can halt the flow of studying. Do not forget to take care of your needs, studying on an empty stomach, or without a water bottle will further distract you. If you are like me, and like soft music to help focus forgetting your head phones is the worst. Make sure you have all that you need to succeed.

The answer to some of these questions may be crystal clear for some, while others may need to experiment and figure out the answer to these key questions. Once you have clearly defined three S you are on the way of becoming a more effective and efficient learner.

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