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The Right For Success: The Journey Begins

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Rob is a single parent, he has a 9 year old daughter named Lilianna. By day Rob is a busy software engineer but no matter how busy his day is, he always makes sure he is home in time to help Lilianna with her homework and tuck her into bed. Lately Rob has noticed that Lilianna is having difficulties with her reading and writing skills. At the last parent teacher conference, Lilianna's teacher mentioned her concerns to Rob. She suspects that Lilianna may have a learning disability and will need a psycho-educational assessment to confirm and be placed on an individual education plan.

Rob is taken back. He recognized that his daughter was having some trouble reading but never suspected a learning disability. Confused and overwhelmed with all the information that his daughter's teacher is telling him, he begins to do some research on his own, but is even further confused and discouraged by what he finds.

The story of Rob and Liliana is a classic scenario for many parents across Ontario. In an average classroom there are three to four students who have a learning disability. With little guidance and resources, many parents are left to navigate the education system while supporting a child with a learning disability or any exceptional need. While many schools do their best, with limited resources and continuous cuts to special education programs, it is a battle to get these students the support needed in the classroom. Many students are on a three year waiting list to get an assessment. How do we navigate these students to success?

Special Compass understands the various diverse needs of students in today's society. This is why our mission is "Navigating You To Success." Every student can learn and has the right to success, an equitable, equal and a barrier free access to education. We help parents and students navigate the system and give them the critical tools needed to excel in and outside the classroom. The three critical elements needed to help every parent and student to reach their destination are:


You don't know what you don't know. In the realm of special education there is a lot of new terminology from learning disabilities, accommodations to individual education plans. Both parents and students need a solid understanding of these terms and how they relate to their specific situations. Our team works to help bring education and awareness to everything that encompasses education, and exceptional thinkers.


Helping parents to advocate and be proactive in their child's education is critical for academic success. Knowing students rights and how to exercise those rights to ensure students get the right support needed for them to reach their full potential in the classroom. Special Compass will be the guide to help both parents and student reach their academic goals.

Learning & Training

Having a learning disability simply means students process information in a different way. Special Compass strives to help students to learn effectively according to their learning style. Unlocking their true potential by teaching them effective learning strategies to help them in their academic. We do not want to provide students with the answers but simply train their mind to excel.

Rob and Liliana story does not end here. They have an adventure ahead of them, but with Special Compass by their side it will be a wonderful journey. Stay tune to learn how we Navigate Them To Success.

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