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Three Simple Steps to a Successful Study Session

Juggling multiple classes and fulfilling the demands of school can be overwhelming for students. Not to mention the added pressure of managing expectations of work, family, finances, and social life (hello! remember that?). How can you stop feeling overwhelmed, stay focused, be productive and regain control of your life? Create a study plan for the semester! Dedicating a particular time for studying, completing homework or doing research for a project is an effective way to achieve success. The 3 "S"'s in this simple study plan will work for any level...

Setting: Where you study matters

  • Post-Secondary: Have three preferred study locations. One at home, one at the library and a location in your community, like a local coffee shop. There will be a lot of studying and reading to do, so it's best to rotate study locations so you don't get bored.

  • High-School: Find a space that allows you to focus.

  • Elementary: Mom and dad you may need to help designate a working space within the house that works for your child.

Style: Every student learns and retains information differently. Knowing a student's learning style will help them implement more effective learning strategies in their work period. Each style will vary from subject to subject and will change as the student grows. When a student understands their learning style it is like a good mechanic knowing which parts work well with what brand of car. They are able to make repairs effectively and efficiently. Same will be for students! They will be able to apply more effective and efficient strategies to make their work session a success.

Supplies: For each study session it is important that students come prepared with everything they need... pencil, paper, highlighters, calculator, even the textbook (you will be surprised). Don't forget to have a bottle of water or light snacks on hand. (There is nothing more distracting than your body telling you, "I'm hungry"). Even headphones are important. Making sure that everything you need is within arms reach will help to set students up for success.

What are some effective habits that you have learned to help you study better? Share with us in the comments below. We love hearing about your journey.

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